Let's Spruce Up Your Imagery

Images are and always will be an important part of your brand’s messaging. An image on your package demonstrates use while an image in a brochure enhances a concept. As consumers move more and more toward ecommerce, brands and businesses that tell the story with good images will get the sale. Let us provide compelling visual interest to your brand’s story.

Photo Direction / Production

We will coordinate all aspects of a photoshoot (photographer, talent, production team, location) for a seamless production experience.


As part of our design services, Spruce Design offers simple, in-house studio photography for small scale product images to be used on packaging, in sales decks and as digital assets.

Renderings / Illustration

Renderings and digital illustrations help bring sales concepts to life, and come in handy when a photograph isn’t an option.


Motion adds a little something extra and can make the simplest idea more engaging.


Every photo isn’t picture perfect. Luckily, all of our art directors have mad photoshop skills. We can turn a cloudy day into a sunny one, smooth a wrinkled shirt without an iron, and change a guy’s underwear while he stands still.